The Ignorance of a Teenage Girl

July 6, 2010
By Z.PVarley GOLD, Kissimmee, Florida
Z.PVarley GOLD, Kissimmee, Florida
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why are there so many restrictions on people.
maybe because they cant be trusted
to do good on their own.

but why on the human mind. why restrict the human mind?
to restrict the mind is to restrict progress.
and that's all this world is about isnt it?
progression into a deeper land of waste.
what's the point anymore?
all progression leads us deeper and deeper into the waterless
land of rock and several see that and they are trying to stop it.
so many from many generations have tried and are trying to tell of what we are
and what we've become
but we don't care.
we just are about progress. and for what purpose?
none, really.
progress for the sake of progress.
but why restrict the human mind?
who could have thought of anything so ridculous
as restricting the human mind?
preventing us to feeling and express those feelings in ways other
than blogs and photos of oneself and politics.
wait, wait no
we are not yet in the waste land.
the world is too full of progression to be a waste land
waste land is too kind a word
No, we are man! we have all that makes us men
Yes, progressed men
oh yes, we have art-
the newly produced literature that all sounds the same,
the pictures that reveal nothing,
the music that carries no soul or true feeling in the notes,
if they are even really notes at all.
oh yes we have souls-
we have no conscience but we have souls
we feel no guilt be we have souls
we are living!we have souls!
oh yes, we are tolerant and respectful
-as we kill each other for nothing but envy for what other has,
steal because we are now too lazy to work to get our own,
lie because we cannot face the truth,
cheat because it makes life easier.
nothing can make life easier but living.
it's hard to live when you fear for your life.
that is what we live. This is us.
restriction and fear
is this all because of the restriction
of the mind. why restrict the mind?
Unheard of. Absurd.
education, what a laugh
what are we learning
a formed way of thinking
we learn to think as one mind
schooling? what are you teaching
you have not evolved me into a brillant mind
you have controlled my mind.
you have prevented us to live and be human
whatever that may be.
sell your soul, sell your soul
sell your soul or get life behind
no time for the individual
time of progression
time of progression
keep up
Keep up
but what if i choose to live?
progression is life, life is progression
move on
we are no longer people
we are a society
breathing, feeding, acting
why restrict the mind?
but no we are not a waste land
we have not yet reached a lack of water
we are progressive
we are the controller
and you are the program

The author's comments:
I honestly don't know what this is or if it makes sense to anyone else but me. I just started compulsively writing one day and this came out. If someone out there likes this, I really do appreciate it.

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on Jul. 31 2010 at 8:05 pm
forgottenangel SILVER, Dearborn, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Silence is Golden"

So true i love it 


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