July 6, 2010
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I Know
I know that door that is to be mine.
I run trying to find it.
I've been waiting for it.
I know what it is.

I keep running
Jumping over obstacles,
Even the ones that seem inviting.
I don't need them.
I know.
I've known for years.
I've planned this.

I kept running faster and faster.
Not bothering to stop to breathe
Or to stop and admire other doors.
I know which is mine.

I look left and right,
Still not seeing The One.
Keeping running, I told myself
No distractions.

At last I see it.
My door is beautiful.
I stare at it for a moment in awe.
I opened it, in even further amazement.
This is what I want.
Suddenly I feel an odd surge,
Someone might come and take my door,
Steal my dream from right under my door.
So I closed the door
I didn't need anyother doors.
This is mine, I know it,
I have been longing for it for years.

I take a good look around and smile
And then frown
Things are missing.
This isn't what I wanted.
I thought I knew
I knew I knew

I turn back in fear
The door is locked
I pushed and banged,
The door wouldn't budge.

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