Welcome to the Hall of Volition

July 6, 2010
By Z.PVarley GOLD, Kissimmee, Florida
Z.PVarley GOLD, Kissimmee, Florida
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They opened the door,
Showed me the infamous Hall.
It was much grander than expected.

Floor, ceiling, and doorframes
All decked with marble,silver and gold.
It was a straight hallway,
No curves, no tricks
Doors lined the elaborately furnished walls.
Doors made of every material possible,
Every height possible,
Each decorated with symbols, describing what laid behind it.
Music notes, stethiscopes, gavels
Every door had a symbol,
Every symbol had a door.

Some symbols were straight-forward, obvious.
Others were combined with other symbols,
The hall went on forever.

You will not be able to open all of them,
They told me almost comically.
But how do I know which to open, I thought
There was enough doors,
Enough Choices,
To make someone go mad.

Which door do I open?
Only you know, they said slyly
Some doors looked the same; only slightly different from others
Some doors are specific, others...combine things, they replied
I don't want to go, you can't make me
But you have to, dear one. Everyone does.

I looked into the beautiful hallway,
The marble, gold, and silver hallway.
Fanastic, Beautiful, Amazing even, at first glance.
Beauty is a cover-up. Don't be fooled.
This was their only advice.
How can something so beautiful, be so fearsome, I wondered
There's too many choices, what if i make they wrong one?
Whichever choice you make is the choice you live.
And then the opening,
The only chance for escape,

The author's comments:
I actually wrote this after the poem 'Help'. It's an introduction to the series of three poems based around this idea of life being an endless hallway of choices.

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