Who are they?

July 6, 2010
By , Montrose, CO
They see me for who they want to see.
Laughing and pointing with shame in there heads.
But they don’t stand on there own. Follow the crowd
Is there hope?
For is there dreams?
Can we dream when being crushed every moment of your life
Not good enough…bad grades. .sand clothes.. Wimpy legs.. Bald head
I’d die to see the world above
A little rock on the side of the road?
Passed it a thousand times before. On the journey home
To get and education?
Is it worth the blisters on my frozen toes
I see the pain and hunger in most.
I know for that is me one day.. But tomorrow and the next hope is a venture
Hope is not possible
I know what my future is..
Therapy I can’t afford
Medicine my mom steals and hides?
Another boyfriend beating her to near death.
I cant take the pain. The laughing. The pointing
As I am sick
Here I am
Taking a break.
Iss that the light?

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