If Mommy Didn't Love Me

July 3, 2010
Mommy promised to come back for me.
I waited for two years.
I finally matured enough to realize,
Mommy lied,
and wasn’t coming back.
I’ve never met my daddy.
I became curious and searched.
He was great for about a week,
then never came or called again.
Grandma says she remembers
that Mommy never wanted me.
She pawned me off regularly
never really caring.
When I was eight,
Mommy said “I don’t want you anymore.”
I cried myself to sleep.
I screamed and yelled.
I closed in on myself,
never making friends,
or an effort.
I simply faded into the background.
Always wondering,
if Mommy didn’t love me,
who could?

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