best friends....always?

July 3, 2010
By adrianne BRONZE, Dover, Florida
adrianne BRONZE, Dover, Florida
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of all things we feel as humans we feel love and hurt the most
fight 4 what you believe in or watch as it slowly fades out of your reach-my ex tayler

sorry wont make it go away.tears wont wash away the pain.i only did what i thought best for you.didnt mean to cause all this trouble.never thought id lose you in the end.but,what would you do if you were in MY postion?how would you react to a situation like that?i wanna think this will all be over soon.i wanna say you wont be mad forever.but,i know you all to well and only time can tell.i cant predict the future.i cant change the past.i can say sorry as many times as i want,but,it wont change anything.i need to live in the moment and hope that maybe one day youll forgive friends.....its what we were.enemies...its what we are soon becoming.

The author's comments:
i wrote this about my best friend when she told me that she wanted to kill herself and caring so much 4 her i went and told someone and she hated me after that

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