Bolded Words: A Collaboration of Poetry Based on My Personal Thoughts

July 3, 2010
By lozte BRONZE, Ithaca, New York
lozte BRONZE, Ithaca, New York
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There is more to life then just the shallow dreams that are put before our face.
From the people who don't know us
To the people who never will.
Through blank soul searching
And risking our safe zones
Just to be what they want us to be.
An idea of good and bad
Lines fade
White and Black
No clarity
My heart can't decide where my mind wants to go.
Contradicting titles one and the same.
Prodigious in thought, restrained in body.
Words in tune with the page
Coming off whispering in my ear
Giving me courage to continue
Whether there are words enough or not
Life would be easier if we could blank out the world
Just toss our head back and laugh
Be what we might have been
See what we might have seen
Words can only bring us comfort or sorrow
Strike emotion
They will never take us away
They will never make it all disappear
Just want it all to disappear
Life Is Too Loud
To loud to think
I need quiet
My world
Magic of Smoke and Mirrors
Nowhere to go
Nowhere to look but up
At a deserted sky
Silent Lips
Full of yearning
Hour of indecency
Moment of fraud
Cowering in the dark
Hiding from the darkness
Sighing in sorrow
Yet saying goodbye
Brave poor soul
Shouldering gun
Holstering spirit
Shuddering mind
Wounded control
Matter of potency
Miasmic smoke
Crowding lungs
Pray for Death
Wanting home
Sweet smells of love
Heart strings sing
Lifted sorrow
Light on flight
Memories of warm beds
Holding hands
Bowing heads
Sullen tears
Nostrum Terminus
Our End
See only what I will
I hate how life has become so cliche
How saying I Love You has become so pattern
Stereotypes making who we are
Stuffing us full of emptiness
We can not just be who we are
We are always something else
Dreams broken because of our limits
Limited by the people who will never believe
The people who will never see
Could never see
Too clouded by their own hatred
Their own judgment
Unfair but unstoppable
Disease ridden and full of grief
Never having a beginning
So where did we begin?
Anonymous in severity
Cold in cause
Time to change
It will never change
And neither will I
I'm on my own this time
Anxiety of the fall
Tripping on my sense of reality
Valley of the forgotten
Can not keep up with where I will be
Confused on why I am here
Let me sleep
Fade without warning
See clearly what is around me
Not in front of me
Not behind me
Age with signs
Rather than memories
Let me pass
Silent and Still
Meus Terminus
Infinitio...est meus terminus
Disguising myself to hide from the truth
Maybe you won’t find me
Frightened for my words

And I'm still here, caught in a Dream
A Dream Within a Dream
That I will never wake from
And the raven comes to call
Calling me home
I can’t answer
Lost in the words:
How does this rewrite my thoughts on reality?
Reality feels so artificial
Silk walls
Paper doors
Windows holding onto paintings of what reality should be
What reality could never be
I wish to break out
To be free
I'm trapped behind the bars of my mind
Trapped behind the false sense of security
No rain today
No sun no clouds
Stabbing at the truth
That there is more out there
More that we will never find
Never know
Never face
Because of fear
Fear implanted into us
So that we may stay
And stay we will
For always
And Forever
Perperam Futurus

The author's comments:
These poems reflect a period in my life when I was confused about a lot, and sought answers to a lot of unanswered questions.

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