July 3, 2010
By muggle BRONZE, Miramar, Florida
muggle BRONZE, Miramar, Florida
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To wound
My wound

Verb: to wound
To hurt
Physically, mentally
To cut away at me,
My self-esteem
Tear my mind
To unrecognizable pieces
Like a puzzle
Without a picture

To say cruel things
To wound my heart
Leaving the hole
In your chest unharmed
To taint all optimistic
Thoughts that race through
My mind as I attempt
To shut out the thoughts
By closing my eyes each night
Sleep: my escape

If only I could heal
The noun:
The wound, my wound
My hurt, my thoughts, my gash
The gash in my heart
That bleeds through my veins
With each beat of my heart
B-boom, b-boom, b-boom
Pain, ache, throb

The wound, my wound
I keep hidden
From my friends
From my family
From the world
Maybe they will not understand
Or maybe they will understand too well
Afraid of the former
Terrified of the latter

I do not want sympathy
No, not even empathy
I do not want to be judged
Nor analyzed, scrutinized
By my friends
By my family
By the world

The wound, my wound
My gash, my heartache, my problem
Heal the damage
Which only you can fix
You broke it, you repair it
The wound, my wound

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