Wounded By Him

July 3, 2010
The clock is my challenger
Challenging me to race
To move faster than a cat hunting it's pray
He is my enemy with everyword he screams out
My thoughts turn into cries
The venom of it all sinks in
Leaving scars where the wound has been left
Being whole is a dream
Being empty is reality
Instead of a glass half full
I am a glass half empty
Turning water into ice with my now cold heart
He is warm with satan in his eyes
Shutting me off to the world
The cold you see is beautifully ugly
The smile you see is my fake fantasy
Making life different than the world
Now the wall growing all around me
Stengthens to be something I'm not
And Satan tries to bring it down
But all he leaves is scars
And my thoughts only grow to cries

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