July 3, 2010
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You know how I tell you,
“I don’t deserve you”
Well baby its true.

I don’t know where you came from.
But, I wasn’t looking for you
Not because I didn’t want to,
Its just as I grew,

I thought these stories

couldn’t be true.

I “thought” I had it all figured out-
I “thought” I knew what life was about.
But ever since I met you,
I started experiencing doubts.
I feel like I’m still be learning to count.

I’m so amazed by how you do-it.
Your always prepared for anything,
Almost like you already knew it
And you see everything
The rest of the world wouldn’t.

In the End, I will never deserve you,
So for that reason I will “Always Be True”
It’s the best I could ever do.
I could never Love someone “like” You.
Because there is only one.
The one I Love…

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