July 3, 2010
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Floating around her
the wind whispers of truth.
As she makes her way
to the water's edge
leaving behind nothing, except
a pile of memories by the rickety stairs.
The water laps hungrily at her feet
sending a shudder
through the dark silhouette.
her eyes flicker down the empty beach,
remembering the too-far-gone past.
A smile briefly kisses her lips
only to be replaced by sorrow
that contorts her features
into a heart-wrenching beauty.
Her feet resume their blind journey
across the invisible bottom.
Her broken heart glistens in the moonlight
as it runs down her cheeks,
salt eventually mixing with salt.
Each step and battering wave reminds her
of what was, is, and could have been.
Her feet eventually discovering
their unconscious destination,
sweet nothingness.
Before her serene face
plunges beneath the black, tumultuous surface,
she hears her name being called.
The undercurrent plays with her body
and she imagines the foot prints disappearing.

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