July 2, 2010
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i do love you, in a different way,
i just cant let you know.
i've spent years building up my wall
to keep people like you, OUT.
it is made of umbreakableness.
no one has entered,
no one will.
my calm peace and serenity.
inside my dark cage.
away from the world.
i will be alone.
the way i like it,
no matter what you say.
there are thorns in my skin.
try to reach me, touch me
and youll bleed.
your blood will be in my hands,
but ill be unscathed.
youll go running off
like the trugh sissy you are.
i am whole, pure.
i know the truth in life.
while you live in a flock.
i know you know the truth.
you just choose to ignore it.
push it away.
in the end,
its up to you.
your alone.
and you cant take anyone with you
youll always be alone, no matter what you think.
or who your with.
humans were made to be alone.
i am strong.
i am the rock you envy.
I have no feelings
because i know
feelings hurt,
they cause suffering.
and i will be good to myself
i wont make myself go through pain
and why would i?
for a short-lasted good time?
not worth it.
i can have fun without anyone
alone in the darkness
about how i dont feel.
cant feel.
wont feel.
your emotions pain me.
i cant let my gaurd down.
one thing i know,
you cant trust anyone.
no one does anything for you.
people do thing soley for themselves.
my cage is here to protect me..
from you.
you mess with me.
you throw everything out of balance.
you put emotions in me.
**** you
the ones i fight so hard against.
dont paly with my head!
your weakness is my fun though.
your such an easy target.
open for everyone.
i tryed to teach you...
but you wouldnt learn
tsk tsk tsk

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krissy775 said...
Aug. 1, 2010 at 9:38 pm
IM SO SORRY!!! can u fix typos on here!?!?!? i have like three!!!!! IM SO SORRY YALL!! HOPE YALL CAN UNDERSTAND IT!!!
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