The Real Problem With Romeo and Juliet

July 2, 2010
By KirbyDoodle BRONZE, Ballwin, Missouri
KirbyDoodle BRONZE, Ballwin, Missouri
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At first, such a maiden as she, denied her heart
and certainty
of love at first sight,
with all of her might,
but she fell into that, one late fateful night.

A striking young gentleman, oh yes he was bold,
entertained her eye,
or so the story is told.
And they danced and they laughed, for three hours and half,
but at the end of the night, they took different paths.

You see, she was a Capulet, a shinning gold star,
that he, a Montague, could only glance from afar.
Plus, he was blind and she: confused-
Was she just another girl being used?

We would love to blame their death on an old family feud.
But the poison was drank for other reasons, too.
We must read till the end, if we want to know
just how far these two were willing to go.
At the lowest of points he passed on fain,
after she upped the stakes in their love game.

Yes, she was so civil, and he so full of life,
but their lives were sacked, without even a fight...

They were young, foolish, start struck lovers
Meaning: They were immature, unlucky, fond lovebirds

That’s right: Romeo and Juliet died for much worse a cause,
than fixing the strife of their future in laws.

When Shakespeare wrote: Two house’s both alike in dignity…
He should have started: Romeo and Juliet were going through puberty…

The author's comments:
I can't type and I can't spell, so there are probably alot of errors. Also, this is the first piece I have put up, so I didn't want to do anything too serious. I hope you enjoy.

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