Knitting Time

July 2, 2010
Days by hours and minutes by seconds,
passes time with splendid wonder.
Every stitch an ounce of thought,
many rows some pounds of pondering.
With great care, hands have beckoned;
waves of stitches, a web of thoughts,
they all concur like lightning and thunder.

If you live everyday to its fullest
-as if it were your very last-
someday you'll be proven right.
Tragedy not that life ends so soon,
but that we wait so long to begin it.
We've all been birthed with such great purpose,
to wonderful lifetimes made for living.
Shame when breath is only sustenance,
we go on to live but for nothing.

Years by months and weeks by days,
days by hours and minutes by moments:
we shall leave none to spare,
for just as naked trees lack fruit,
life without living is much too bare.
Luxuries that fulfill our time here
inevitably end up depriving us of it.

Millenia by centuries and decades by years,
months by weeks and days by hours,
all the seconds of every minute
no more than faded memories.
Thought per thought and stitch per stitch,
a knitted scarf is nothing more;
Stitch per stitch and thought per thought,
ideas in flocks like leaves in fall;
a world of wonders all we've got,
so much beauty, all in all.

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scenesoccerqueen said...
Feb. 3, 2012 at 10:41 am
very nice! the description is great!
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