i heard from someone you're quite adorable.

July 2, 2010
By JamieBowwe BRONZE, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
JamieBowwe BRONZE, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
"Time is priceless, yet it costs us nothing. You can do anything you want with it, but you can't own it, you can spend it, but you can't keep it. And once you've lost it, there's no getting it back. It's just gone." ~Allison DuBois.

i could watch you for hours. i could.
i would write about the way your eyelashes met the very tip of your cheek bones
right before i fell in love with you.
i could have cried when you kissed me
and i thought my mouth was made for this life.
how you felt like a sky without sky,
just dust and noise abandoned on the side of some lonely road.
the way i caught you the second you were at your worst.
sunlight and splinters, you’re stuck beneath my fingers.
i’ll breathe you in, i’ll love you in the spring
when we’re just strawberry stains on our jeans.
and we can drink with the same throat, we can exist with the same pulse.
i’ll kiss your shadows ghost, i’ll watch you closely so that i don’t forget a thing.
remember when we counted all of orion’s parts?
stretching our limbs out like nothing could stop us,
not even the atmosphere, not even gravity, transcending light and dark.
the nights come rolling in like thunder,
like vodka on our tongues and we want it to burn.
we stared at the sky like we might lose it if we blinked.
there are certain parts of this life that will dazzle me every time.
the way some stars hang like lamps made of moonlight.
and how others burn out from licking their lips too much,
staring at us wishing they had fingers so ours could touch.
and i want to be so much closer to everything
until i can feel it’s heart against mine.
until i can feel the universe bending at the knees.
until the freckles of our souls are aligned.
i want to get as close as i can get,
i want to love everything full and pure and wet
until our fingers start to tremble from it.
i want to break all the rules,
i want to see every flaw and kiss them with my eyes closed.
it almost hurts when it gets this good.
try to hold it in your fist, leave the taste on your tongue.
i don’t want to write, i just want to feel.
this is the closest i can get sometimes.

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