Rain (free to feel)

July 2, 2010
By Sam Dickinson BRONZE, Johns Creek, Georgia
Sam Dickinson BRONZE, Johns Creek, Georgia
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Good morning, dear. The sky is crying
Splattering wetly outside my window
Such great sadness that yet brings life
Run outside to embrace it
Oh, to know for what our Mother
Weeps with such intensity
Surely we have tapped a great vein of sorrow
And She bleeds down now upon us
Is it not a foul ritual?
How we consume Her sustenance each day
Regulating ourselves
While neglecting Her grief?
I will be a vessel
Harboring as much of Her anguish as I dare
Lessening the ordeal ahead
Great clouds of thought, each a separate world
Swirl above my insignificance
While others leave, I remain
They do not understand, cannot sympathize
With You
I try to.
At times your emotion overwhelms me
But I stand strong, buckle within
Who should care so long as the illusion is in place?
We cry together.
Good morning, dear.

The author's comments:
Flurry of thoughts.

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