First Love

July 2, 2010
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First Love

Your face is pale and
Your hands grip mine
Your eyes flutter endlessly
Desperately trying to stay awake
Your breath comes out in gasps
Your IV is beeping in 16th notes
I'm sitting by your side
And I wonder why I feel this guilt
I never meant to hurt you
I know how much you loved me
I never to meant to break away
I just needed some time
And now the time seems endless
Will you come back to me safely?
If I just answer and say yes
Please keep breathing deeply
Don't gasp so loud
Please pretend you’re okay
Don't make those painful sounds
Please don't move your lips
As if they are your last words
I don't want to listen anymore
Don't leave me all alone
There's no one to love me
Not like you do
Your eyes are closing
And my tears keep falling
My sobs echo in the empty room
Accompanied by an endless beeping
I hate you, I love you
I want to be with you
I kiss you, my face wet with tears
You are my sleeping love
And no matter what I do
You will never wake up
My heart is falling
So fragile, ready to shatter
My hope seems to fly away
But I remember your words
"You are my life"
How can I be, when you're gone?
"So live for both of us"
How can I, when I'm all alone?
Please come back to me
There's no one who loves me
Not like you do
I feel the hand on my shoulder
And I turn into a warm embrace
"Let me love you"
Are you sure you can do that?
"I'll love you for both of us"
I’ll learn to trust this person
I'll live, you wait and see
Look from above and know
That I love you so much
I won't move on from you
You'll always be my first love

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