The Puppeteer

July 2, 2010

She lives in fear
Fear that she’ll be found out
She carefully constructs her mask
And continues being her own puppet

She makes sure not to shed a tear
Makes sure no one knows what she’s really about
Continuing with her secret task
Of being the master of strings she can’t snip

She can’t cut the strings
They control her every move
Even though it was she who put them there
She can’t find the strength to cut them

She hides everything
Everything that could give away the truth
She gives away nothing in her stare
She makes sure to keep it all hidden

For if they see how she really is
They would definitely leave
She would be left behind
Like all the times before

So she’ll continue to watch what she does
Even more complex the lies she will weave
She’ll bury the secrets she doesn’t want them to find
Secretly hoping someone will help her steady the scissors

The author's comments:
I don't really know what exactly inspired this. I just started writing it one day and couldn't finish and then I found it again just recently and found the inspiration to finish it. I think it turned out pretty well. I read it to my cousin the other day and he thought it was about something different than I had the intention of it coming off as. I will not say what I wrote it about, because that is your, the reader's, job to figure out. I'd appreciate it if you left a comment explaining what you thought about it, what you thought it was about. Thank you,

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