Open Your Eyes

July 6, 2010
Take a long look around, what do you see, images and pictures, but are they really the person underneath.

So many judge, so many are the prey, one can travel from shoe to shoe, but the one that truly fits is the one stuck in their closet, and yet one only wears the shoe that either looks the best or sounds right, not the one that fits.

Life is not a game that can be redone, once mistakes are made there is no turning back, just picking the dice up and moving forward.

One may have grown up either being the looking glass or the wandering eye, but they get a sense of what it is like, either to criticize or be the guy getting picked on.

We don’t know when our eyes will finally open or when we will try on that shoe, all we know is that people remember the past and that there is no turning back, what is done is done, but what will happen tomorrow is yet to come.

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LuvKirstyn14 said...
Aug. 2, 2010 at 12:52 pm
great poem and so true, keep it up! plz check out my writings, it would be highly appreciated :)
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