My Darling

July 2, 2010
Oh Annabel Lee,
I sit here and
Absorb this fate
In a land by the sea.

I am a child who
Read yet so deep,
That I fell this love
That is more than love
Hand that that Annabel Lee.

Yet I can not grasp
Why those angels
Called seraphs coveted them
Oh, how it bemuses me!

I shiver, as a wind
Blew out of a cloud,
Chilling the beautiful
Annabel Lee,
In this harsh kingdom by the sea.

She was born away,
By high born kinsman,
Leaving me to sigh in sorrow
For her in that sepulcher, ever to stay.

Ah those angels!
To cruel to go envying them,
While not so happy in heaven
'Tis terrible just to see.

Yes!- that was the reason,
That the wind came out of a cloud by night,
Chilling and killing Annabel Lee,
I care not to read any more
For sorrow grips me.

But wait!
Their love, so strong I feel it
Breathing on the page!
Was stronger by far-
This, it pleases me.

Angels in heaven,
Nor demons down under the sea,
Can distill my, or
Dissever his soul from her soul
That Annabel Lee.

My dear falls to the page, a
As the moon beams,
Ad the stars rise, and I feel
Both their eyes
Of he and the beautiful Annabel Lee.

All night tide I have
Read the tale
And all night tide he
Lay down by her side.

I feel him sigh, that last final time,
'My darling-my darling-my life
and my bride
In the sepulcher by the sea.
In her tomb, by the sounding sea.

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