July 2, 2010
By Anonymous

A Butterfly.

A butterfly isn't born a butterfly.

It starts out, a lowly caterpillar,
crawling around, unnoticed.

But soon, it curls up, into a tiny
shield. Blocking itself from the
light shining in. Almost as if magic,
it emerges from this shell, as beautiful
as anyone could ever imagine.

And when this butterfly is discovered,
even though you may barely know what
causes it, you still want to know more.

Soon, you find out,
little by little,
more about this young

And it gets bigger, eventually blooming
into more and more butterflies. Soon,
you feel so fluttery inside that you do not
know what to do,
except go on, waiting for the right moment
to say


A Butterfly.

The author's comments:
"A Butterfly" is about having a crush on someone.

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