Just let me in .

July 2, 2010
You are truely one amazing guy . I love the way we stay up late texing each other saying " Babe " and " Im lucky to have you " . There's not a secound in my day that passes by that im not thinking about you . Your very unique , and it's hard for a girl to find a person as speacial as you are to me . Your constantly making me smile and laugh . Every time we talk , you seem to brighten up and make my day . Yes your extreamly cute , but the one thing that really caught my attention was your personality . Your million dollar smile , billion dollar eyes or your body don't matter to me as much as the way you are . Ever since we've started talking , we clicked and have been unseperable since . I can go on and on about how grateful I am to have you in my life , but not enough paper , pens and pencils would be able to explain it . Words are undiscribable babe . Im falling really hard for you , so trust me when i tell you , I won't ever hurt you . Just let me in babe . I'll be your Superwoman , Muah Baby .

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