July 1, 2010
By RachelLW BRONZE, Saint Louis, Missouri
RachelLW BRONZE, Saint Louis, Missouri
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Every little change
Changes me
And every breath I take
Takes part of me away
Every new thing
Kills me a little
But I accept it
I no longer try to hide

Because everytime
A part of me dies
A part is reborn
And everytime
Something around me changes
I change with it
Or against it
It depends on your perspective

I'm here one second
And gone the next
I change so quickly
Not even I know who I am

Everytime I wake up in the morning,
Or afternoon depending on who I was the night before,
I am showered with surprises
Of the new me
The one that transformed during the night
Some call this scary
I just call it life

Because every second changes me
And every change
Breaks my heart a little more
Or pieces it back together
It all depends on how you see things

So here I am
Don't judge me
Because with every judgement
Comes another change
Giving you the power
To make me what I am
And you might not like
What you've turned me into
Anyway, i won't stay like that for long
Because change comes on the wind
And the wind will never stop blowing
No matter how much life changes

The author's comments:
Everything is changing, even me. I don't always like it, but I've got to deal with it. That's what this poem is about. Change

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