June 15, 2010
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goodbye this is all i can pretty much say besides i love you.Even though i never really knew you.I met you like a few times but,not enough to remember much at all. i would have loved to know more about you.I remember what you look like and that's one thing i will never forget.Goodbye,its hard for me to say this I would love to talk more but,I'm about to cry. sometimes when I am sleeping I hear hear your voice in my dreams it may sound wierd but,sometimes I wake up and your figure I can see next to my bedside.often, I think about you and usually cry.These questions of mine still have not been answered what were you like. I want to know mom tells me all the time things I do reminds her of you. you would be so proud of me I am sixteen now still not knowing enough about you. why, did you have to leave me so quickly without being able to say goodbye. I was only two in a half when you passed almost three. I could say many things right now but I think I love you can pretty much say it all. last,thing i should say is goodbye even though I want you here with me today.

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