Soccer its my Game

June 15, 2010
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Soccer it’s My Game
Many already know what this poem is about
Many are already laughing or thinking “here we go again”
But this is for the love of soccer
Because I don’t need anyone to tell me how they feel about soccer because I know how I feel
And if you know me then you know “All day I dream about soccer”
And if you have ever loved someone,
Or deeply appreciated someone then you know how I feel
This is the love that doesn’t ever go away
Even after the game is over I still want some more
Soccer is a sport that I have played my whole life
And I am sure it runs through my blood by now
Because when I play I play with heart, I play with determination
I play until I can’t play anymore
I can’t play after my feet start to seep through my shoes
And the water begins to drench my feet so much they become swollen
I can’t play until my head starts to throb of desperation for a break
I can’t play until my hands start to get numb after clutching them into my fist for so long
I can’t play until my chest feels like it’s about to burst from exhaustion
But I don’t care because I love this game
This is something that can’t be explained
Some think its called passion
But to me it is much more than that because this is my game
A man once said to me
“Soccer is the game of the future”
And that is where I am headed

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andshesfearless said...
Jul. 29, 2010 at 10:20 pm
soccer is the game of the future! damn right girl! haha soccer's the best sport there is out there! except maybe lacrosse lol 
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