June 15, 2010
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No one ever told me
Life was hard.
At birth, I thought,
“Where am I?”
Should that question
Still float in my head,
Then everything that meant
Something deep and personal to me
Will feel like rubbish,
Rubbish thrown out
From the feeling of guilt.
And Heaven
Will no longer look to me
As an angel, but rather
A spy from Satan’s gruesome hands.
My happiness and purpose in life
Is now genocide.
I never wanted any of this.
My life shouldn’t end
The way my story began.
The story of my life
Is now the story of a life
That was never cherished
By its owner, a pet
Looking for love, tender and care,
But never got it.
I’ve wandered place to place,
Looking for a purpose,
To keep my life working
Like a machine.
Throughout all my life,
I’ve been wanting more...
When I’ve had the greatest life
I never knew I had.

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