Love, In Confidence

June 15, 2010
By ErynEcstacyy BRONZE, Toronto, Other
ErynEcstacyy BRONZE, Toronto, Other
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I was once caught in its slipstream, and like dust in a ray of sunlight, everything shone. He made the world look more alive. His smile was like the only good sickness; contagious. His beauty was unbreakable and amorous as the Great Knight; eyes luminous as the moon, sparkling like the brightest star at midnight. How could someone so perfect be human? How could someone so beautiful not be an angel made by the very hands of God? He would never notice me, I couldn’t compare to the other girl’s beauty. Tall and beautiful with flawless skin, he probably likes her, and she will soon fall for him. I’m too scared to ask, to frightened to tell. Where has my confidence gone? The strength I knew so well? How a phrase can scar a cheek, and ultimately break the heart. How love can stop you in your tracks before you even start. Yet, carefulness is often merely caution, loss of nerve, the doubter’s fallback position; the will to love is lost when it’s almost impossible to win.

The author's comments:
This poem is one i wrote a few years ago in Poetry Club. We were asked to take a line from another poem and work around that theme. I used a line from P.K. Page's 'Alphabetical' and got to it! I was also inspired by personal experiences...ahh, unrequited love :)

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