The Witches Tale

June 15, 2010
By MaliceTheEnya SILVER, San Jose, California
MaliceTheEnya SILVER, San Jose, California
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They were perfect for each other when it was wrong
the bells hung but never rung
the towns steeple in a rust
a families dinner table in a bust
I've never looked so down in pity
for myself, nothing every so witty
to me I am a frozen tree
trapped in constant growth but never moving
a poem of love, hate, war and peace.
Does it not move you?
Have you heard me, they or them say this before?
Am I not an original poetic from the dead Shakespeare era?
Do I not have ancient blood in me past down from ancestors of great days
I pledge this oath to you my relatives long deceased
that I shall never forget to remember that you lived so I may live
if there is a heaven and I have the fortune of getting there
I would love you meet you and tell me stories of your affairs.

Once my family lived in castles
once my family lived in shacks
did we forget where we came from
and have we all turned to nothing but yacks
speak a lot but say little.
Shut up you fool so arrogant and childlike
you shut your mouth and do not speak again
you have plundered the land with you urine words and useless naivety
shut up and never speak.

If this world should hear thunder again
I hope, no! I pray! that it will bring rain
through the night time I wake and morning I sleep
let the moonshine drip delicately onto me
may this poem lost in time maybe, possibly be remembered
like Shakespeare now
maybe I could live as a hero after I die.
A legend to some, a demon to another
and if I meet myself in a world beyond fate
let me shake my own hand and greet thee with respect
maybe I could speak to I and hear what I have to say to I.

If redemption is possible
and a rapture is coming
let the devils of hell be set loose first
grabs those guilty and perverse
my little hands will cling on this earth for dear life for I shall not leave it
I will not leave my home to die.

I will not go to hell nor heaven.
I will stay on my home. Earth. Land.
Were fire and water collide
were earth and air hold each others hands to build land.
It is a truly amazing place we live.
And we forget that in a moment and I do as well.
I wish to remain on earth and watch it grow and change
for I love it so and wish to remain.

If god nor the devil can see this fine creation and attempt to destroy it
let them know I that stay upon and shall die with it.

And if what they say is true...we're all going to hell...
but I'll go down swinging 'cause at least then I'll have a story to tell.

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