June 15, 2010
Life....that word always makes me think.
What if one day life was so simple I didn't need to think?
I became a full on machine made to work, feed and breed.
What a strange mind I possess?
I believe in uniqueness
in love and hope.
When one doesn't believe in anything its hard to live on.
Life becomes a word that is hard to imagine.
I am fortunate.
I am a problem child with parents who are willing to spend thousands of dollars to help me.
I will one day repay them.
One day be able to fly.
Like a hawk, a crow or a vulture.
Climb like a spider, a caterpillar.
Love like a Juliet, a Romeo, a Jack, a Sally.
Rule like a king, a emperor, a caesar.
Die like a brave hero, sacrificing for the the greater good.
Live like a legend, a fairy tale, a myth.

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