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June 15, 2010
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He’s born into a life that should be fun
The largest land animal in the world
It should be great being number one
A trunk that curls
The gentle grey giant
His life should be just as compliant

He’s born to a mom who holds a sad look
She whines and cries
Odd shaped globs prod her with hooks
She gets ripped from him everyday
Coming back with wounds in different ways

He doesn’t understand
Globs big and small come and leave
Their hairless faces showing glee
Everyone is happy
Everyone except his mommy and he

Another day she is pried away
But this one is different
Their assaulting hooks point at him
He steps back and things turn grim
White hot pain in his side
He cries out, he wants to hide

His mother is angry, she chooses to fight
She rears up, the chains break free
Globs turn violent at the horrific sight
They stab and yell, his mother screams
She falls to the ground, a slump of beauty

This is what the globs true work is
His tears fall and he looks around
But all he sees is a circus.

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