Thank You

June 14, 2010
I shake trembling under the fear
that I'll never escape but only tear
you look at me with large brown eyes
the look telling me that you know I am alright
I didn't think that I would remember you first
I never knew how much you could take away the hurt
Finally I stop and I blink back my memories
with you as guideline in front of me
I look around and all i see is unfamiliar faces
then I look at you and I remember all the places
people ask me if I'm okay but the truth is all I want to say
I didn't know I lost half of me
but you brought it all back to me
the memories flood and I start to cry
I wish I could thank you for bringing me back to life
but no words will describe what had happened that night
but I can only hope that this will do “Braxton Thank You”

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