Laura in lala-land

June 14, 2010
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The teacups all around me grew and slowly I faced a world too big to climb on. Everything spun and moved too fast. The fallen tree cried in silence as it faced its death. "Wake up beautiful tree for without you the beauty of the earth diminishes" I said. It did not reply and soon it was time to move on. The huge slide twisted but as I passed it called to me. I had no choice but to go on. With speed I flew while the water soaked me and soon I was in a water bubble. Chilling I continued my walk down the huge confusing road. Everything was too colorful. too loud. The lights changed colors and the sky continued to cry for every tree it had killed. I ran and saw amazing things. I found my true love but it did not want me. why won't you be with me? " I will be." But truthfully in this land all words were deceiving. So I ran away to be alone once more. I went into a house where everything was pink and the music was soothing. My wounds and my tears hid away. and the only cost was my sanity. But slowly I began to fade and wake up in the real world. With the uglyness and gray walls. I was still alone for my true love I loved no more. I walked home alone and took care of my tender wounds. Maybe someday the sun would shine again…

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