June 14, 2010
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I look to you, your piercing blue eyes brighter than the billions of gleaming stars above us. Usually I would wish on each and every one, but right now im content. Im happy.
We talk as the smoky fire crackles in the dark Kentucky air. But I don’t feel pressured to make conversation. You know Im shy and accept it. As I lie in my bunk staring at the cabin ceiling I think of you, stupidly grinning in the darkness. Welcoming the butterflies back to my stomach, I hadn’t felt their nervous fluttering in a long time.
The next day is our last but we try not to focus on that. As we pack for the long trek back home, back to reality, I look towards you and catch you looking toward me. You smile that sheepish grin, cursing yourself for getting caught. “Please don’t ever get braces” I think to myself in sorrow, “I love your crooked smile just the way it is”.
You grab my sunglasses and playfully put them on. I try to take them back but when you laugh that perfect laugh Im rendered helpless.
I shouldn’t be doing this, shouldn’t be falling, for in a few hours we’ll be leaving.
Who knows when I’ll see you again?
But unfortunately my heart wasn’t as strong as my head.
So finally, we have to leave. I look at you, memorizing your eyes, your smile, your voice, so I won’t ever, ever forget.
You hug me, and it was bittersweet. This was my first real hug, the kind you just really didn’t want to let go of. I knew right then that you’d be hard to forget but that’s fine with me because I would never want to.

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