A Never-ending Nightmare

June 14, 2010
My mind is filled with numerous rain clouds closing in.
They smother me with the undesirable rain.
Bringing the pounding splashes to the ground, keeping me from sleeping.
Their ghostlike memories imprinted on my skin.

I walk aimlessly forward into the developing mist.
Watching it rise from the ground as it grows ever colder.
My steps fall into the swelling puddles of water.
Sending ripples to the edge of my imagination.

Silently, the drops freeze into ice crystals
that shatter as they hit the frozen ground.
The pristine snow breaks the surface of the darkened pond,
laying, like death, to my side.

I turned my head from the immortal darkness,
longing and searching for the warmth of light,
but finding only the coldest darkness inside my head.
Everything was frozen in this eternal black pit.

Shaking myself from this wicked nightmare
but knowing I’m not sleeping, for I would not wake.
A tear froze on the surface of my petrified cheek,
along with my heart in it’s glacial grave.

My foot was pulled into the basin of eternal sleep laying beside me.
Slowly disappearing from the surface of the land above me.
Sinking into the darkest depths of the watery death around me.
Losing my breath to the icy water that pulled me in.

Thrashing away my fear, but no one heard my scream, not even I.
I was still here, in the blackest reaches of the shadows,
hearing the pound of the drops as the snow returned to rain.
Waiting to wake from this never-ending nightmare.

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