Pea pod buddies

June 14, 2010
the laughter, the lost innocence
we all grew up side by side
like a collage of flowers in a garden
all facing the sun with pride

All peas from very different pods
outcasts, varying in size
how we came together
nobody really knows

who can guess what happened
to make us become
so separate from the others
but together, good as one

a sight to see
all of us together
like fun craving children
unaware of racial barriers

we all have our own lives
brought together by a common goal
to create an immense amount of havoc
and be little show offs

because we are an intelligent group
otherwise called geeks or nerds
combined, we make a group of fools
too ridiculous for words

nobody ever excluded
oh how our group has grown
with only one requirement
that everyone holds their own

But, has this joyride group of misfits
become something more
remarkably growing on each other
creating bonds that we adore

Some will withstand the test of time
some will slowly wear away
perhaps we'll all sit down and wonder
why we forever lost yesterday

But, until then, unsuspecting eyes full of mischief
continue not to see
that the buddies that surround them
have become a family

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