June 14, 2010
Stop worrying about tomorrow
forget yesterday
live in every moment
and it will all be okay

Sadness doesn't last forever
it's just the price we have to pay
because it 'll all be good again
and we'll forget about our pain

Have faith in the people
ultimately they are your friends
though some will try to cut you down
others will fight with you til the end

Never think that you're alone
when you're the only one
because there are others just like you
nobody enjoys endless fun

They may not always understand
exactly what is on your mind
they will never really abandon you
in paths you choose to walk alone, they will be behind

Because a friend cannot tell you what to do
your decisions are yours to make
the ultimate fate is up to you
the chances are yours to take

Go through life with open arms
and don't be surprised when you find
open arms just like yours
love is easy to show and hard to define.

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