The Fishies

June 14, 2010
the older fish under the sea
tell tales of the past
of how beautiful the ocean used to be
the safe home that couldn't last

from bottles to car tires
plus all the waste we cannot see
we imagine that it all disappears
that the hazards aren't a reality

the animals are suffering for the humans bad mistakes
we consider their lives irrelevant
while all we do is take and take

and yet we wonder why they are dying
why it's all of a sudden so hard
for these sea creatures to rise above
the "little" things that we discard

do they know that we are the ones to blame?
if they do, they can't imagine why
we'd be destroying our own human race
and causing other living things to die

but what can they do to stop us
they're no match for our big machines
they can only hope that someday
the damage will be seen

how many years will it be
'til we've realized what we've done
and finally come to the conclusion
that what we do affects everyone

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