A Lesson from a Fish

June 14, 2010
By Jack Schmidt BRONZE, Tower Lakes, Illinois
Jack Schmidt BRONZE, Tower Lakes, Illinois
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Have you ever seen a fish jump?

I mean really seen one jump?

Staring at the reflection is the water,

Trees, clouds, and the sun dancing across it,

The stuffy summer heat lulling everything,

Thoughts wandering with the waves and ripples-

All of a sudden it bursts and rolls before your eyes

A glistening mass of shimmering scales flying into the air.

Water and fish hang for just a second

Suspended in midair defying all,

Then it comes crashing back down in a thundering splash.

The sun glints gold off crystal drops.

They slide down slick scales.

Plummeting like comets, they create craters on the glassy surface.

The world catches its breath,

For at that moment it had been taken aback.

And it had forgotten to.

The water froths as it reclaims what tried to escape.

Don't close yourself to the maze of your mid.

Always try to break away from your gravities.

The fish will bide its time in the blue depths.

Because to see a fish jump is to live-

It is to be free from the constraints of everyday life-

If only for a moment.

The author's comments:
This is an assignment from my writing class where we were assigned to write about something we can learn from. I was sitting at the edge of a lake trying to think of something write about when he fish jumped...

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