my battle

June 14, 2010
By nhanxzero BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
nhanxzero BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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I wake up every morning knowing my life might end.
My life might end when I turn 18.
That is what I hear from my doctor and mom.
Every day I wake up knowing I might die.
I fight a battle and my enemy is high cholesterol.
High cholesterol its in my blood
I can't see it but I know I can fight it.
I created my enemy therefore I can defeat it.
I die a little on the inside
when I feel my chest hurt
its a sign that there is little time.
So for me time is of the essences
time is something that can run out for me.
This war has been prolonged for two dam years
its like I have been stabbing myself that long.
Every time I consume something I must be careful
because what ever I eat might contribute to my death.
Every day I must chose carefully what I eat or it might be
the death of me.
Life is to short people say so eat what you want and be happy.
Well they are wrong
because I learned that you eat to live not u live to eat and whatever you
eat it might seem good but think again you are only hurting yourself.
I don't have much time left so I must bid you farewell
I must go change my life and that is why I keep running
so my name is stubborn and I will never stop to change my life.
And you should think twice about what you think is right.

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