Ode To Beach Shorts

June 14, 2010
By goodmariners9 BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
goodmariners9 BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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Beach Shorts, Oh Beach Shorts
How free you make me feel
For when I wear you around, you reveal my scrawny legs

Beach Shorts, Oh Beach Shorts
You are part of my summer dress code
And when I wear you Hawaiian style I get looks from all the girls

But Beach Shorts, Oh Beach Shorts
I wish you could talk so you could answer this question
I’m not sure if the girls are laughing at me or with me

Beach Shorts, Oh Beach Shorts
I writing to tell that the you bring my puny calves life, joy and tons of vitamin d
For whenever I wear you my scrawny legs live free

Beach Shorts, Oh Beach Shorts
I thank you for the times we’ve had
Now that spring is around the corner you may come back
and reveal my puny, puny calves

The author's comments:
I love the beach and this poem reveals the truth about how i feel about wearing beach shorts around the town.

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