Discrimination, the new incantations...

June 14, 2010
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Young black soldiers, eager to serve their nation,
Meanwhile these whites ignoring them, man that’s discrimination,
Everyone spitting out words like a damn incantation,
Where’s the legislation to ban this filthy discrimination,
So much for Canada, one of the freest nations

Until July fifth nineteen sixteen,
When the first black battalion in Canada popped up on the scene,
Until then black military in Canada was relatively unknown, even obscene,
All of the black’s patriotism, sacrifice and heroism always went unseen,
Forgetting the blacks, while the whites are being made into goddamn figurines,
Forgetting the men, who fought and died for their country, they were truly keen.

Our first black unit served in France, very honourably,
Until the battalion disbanded in nineteen twenty,
Their memory destined to fade, overlooked when thinking of WWI history,
Their lives back then all but a mystery,
But that’s what they got for being black in history.

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