June 26, 2010
By Anonymous

Everything is falling apart
Piece by painful piece
The truth catching up to me, while the lies are telling me to keep running
‘He doesn’t care, he never did’
I keep telling myself, it was there. There was something
Lies, it’s all a lie.
It hit me too hard this time
There is nothing I can tell myself to soften the blow
A punch in the face every time
‘He doesn’t like you. He never has. He never will.’
I finally lost the race.
The race where I was just ahead of truth and it won this time
The wall of lies tumbling down like an avalanche of lost dreams and half-hearted wishes
It was all a lie
And it took one girl to make me see
It took one to make the wall finally come down
I must bring myself to say ‘Thank you’
The hurt can finally subside
It won’t keep coming back with each lie I tell myself
I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now, don’t know what to believe
Wish I would have never started this race
It would have never ended like this either, as well as not started
He would have never been ‘the one’ in my mind
And I would have never been hurt like this
But to say that I could not have started this, would have been a lie
Lies, it’s always a lie.

The author's comments:
There's always that someone who you swear is the one, when it really turns out you may have just been lying to yourself.

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