small little walls

June 26, 2010
By arharrison GOLD, Girardville, Pennsylvania
arharrison GOLD, Girardville, Pennsylvania
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"Friendship is love with out his wings!" "never leave the one you love,for the one you like."

you love me,i love you
it's a never endding cycle,
that we can't help to keep living no matter how bad we want out,

this is bigger then us,more then me greater then you,
You went form standing as one,
to making a whole other side of you,

This other side of you is hidding in a small four walled room with all kinds of windows,
high and low just enough for her to have enough light to still see your picture,

that lays on the floor my the door,
just where you left it,
cutting her pretty little face out of it,

having no idea how much that small one and only picture ment to her,
her tears slowly start to
fell the room more and more,

the lower small cute out frames that are ment to be windows,
over flow with all this mix of
tears and blood,that was once her joyful heart,

screaming for you to see how much pain you brign to her life,
or at lest what was once her life,

she left if all behide for you,
if only she would have knew that her only love was going to be the wrose thing that ever happen to her,

To end it all,take one mighty but smiple thing,
anyone just some one what really happened in them walls,
just open your mouth to tell a small part of what really happened,

some one out there will understand,
it's whats best fo the both of us
I know it would set the ture us free,

just think about if all these wall would just fall down
you can fix this for the love,the passion,everything that is us

To bad it to late,her heart lays on top of that last peice of picture not moving at all,

just laying there life less as her body is crossed the room trying to live with no light or heart,
how does that work it,
it dont and never would have..

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