?Dangerous love?

June 25, 2010
As I see you coming my way,
My heart slows down,
I try to breathe,
But there is no air,

You are the one,
Who made me feel numb,
From head to toe,
You are my only foe,

I don’t want you!
Just go!
I tell you again,
I don’t want to make you blow!

You used to be my only one,
Now you’re on the tip of my gun,
Now that your life’s flashing before you,
What do you wish you could’ve done,

All of your mistakes,
That I had to intake,
Because you were a fake,

I felt the fierce pain,
That you thrust against me,
I feel the time you thrust open my heart,
I don’t know what could’ve been worse,

You made me fall and I got lost,

In history for eternity

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