Shattered love

June 25, 2010
You think I’m gay,
But I’ll fray,

I see your eyes
Burning fierce with pain,
I too feel agonized,

When is this link going to end,
These wounds are too hard to mend,

You think I’m a fake,
Oh for gods sake,
Someone please get me awake,
This nightmare is blocking me from my fate,

I once imagined me and you,
On our little honeymoon,
If only that would’ve become true,
We would’ve never been really thru,

If only I really knew,
I would’ve loved you ‘till eternity,
This would’ve blocked you from obscurity,
It would’ve been some love with purity,

Why didn’t you say I love you,
‘Till it was too late,
You didn’t have to deny,
Or even defy,

If we made it,
I would’ve taken you as my dove,
It would’ve been scattered with my love,

I would’ve seen you above the sky,
I tell you this is no lie,
You didn’t even have to cry,

I would’ve saw you above the horizon,
As beautiful as ever,
Gloating like a skater,
Trying not to be a hater,

You would’ve been the one,
Who would’ve gleamed brighter than the sun,
You never know a good thing until it’s gone,
Just tell you again you could’ve been mine!

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