Gills in my Neck

June 25, 2010
By DragenRighter BRONZE, Burke, Virginia
DragenRighter BRONZE, Burke, Virginia
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Something went wrong
When I was born,
I kept it a secret
For so many years.
I could breathe underwater.
It was amazing.
I go to a pool
Every day I can.
I just relax at the bottom
Watching the children above.
My eyes have adapted
Now I can see
Even in salt water.
One day
My family went on a cruise,
I tried to resist
The song of the ocean.
But it was overpowering.
So in the middle
of the night
I left a note
On the table.
It told them
That I left willingly
And to live happily.
To meet me back here
In two years.
I jumped out
Of the boat
Where the warm
Caribbean water greeted me
Like my long lost mother.
I savored the feeling
Of being unique,
And being in my own element.
It felt as if I was whole
After a life split into thirds.
I swam and memorized
The currents.
Once I was tired
I dug a hole in the sand,
And slept.
When I woke up
I realized I had drifted
Into a beautiful land
It brought together
Everything about Atlantis
That I knew.
Where I knew I could live
The rest of my life in peace.
And a quiet wow
Wandered out of my mouth.
Two years later
I felt guilty
for leaving my parents.
I traveled two days
Before finding our
Meeting point.
When we met
I was surprised
They brought scuba suits!
I swam with them for hours
But when they had to go
I was sad to leave
My watery home
But, I went with them.

The author's comments:
For an English assignment I had a thought about being different.

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