A little girl’s happy ending

June 23, 2010
As one silver grey tear slides down her face she wonders if she will ever be okay
They say it’s fine and that she is fine
But how can they really know what’s fine, and what isn’t?

Her past is clouded with painful memories
Memories that threaten to drag her back
She longs for a happy ending

Every step of the way is a struggle
A struggle to keep the tears at bay
As the tears keep coming
They puddle around her feet
Forming a silver grey river that goes on endlessly

As she begins to follow the path she has made
It leads her to a haven
A haven where she is safe and loved
Adored for who she is and not the person they want her to be

The person she has kept hidden for so long is finally allowed to be free
For so long she has been under restraint
The little girl within is ecstatic
She is finally free

No more bindings and shackles
No more hurt and pain
Just joy and bliss
This is her happy ending

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mandielynnrose said...
Jul. 30, 2010 at 12:27 pm
I absoluely love this poem it really describes my life as a whole and i hope you keep writing!!:)
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