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June 21, 2010
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i am surrounded by flowers
they cluster the barrier between house
definitions confuse me)
and canyon
greeniron bars on stucco
protecting me from the

they are tall
swaying in the
crowned with yellow

they are everywhere i go
i watch them spring from places unknown
tallertaller until i must push them
from my sight
as i walk the dirt path

i know that the edge of summer is upon
mayjunejuly blend and swirl
and the chaparral earth will dry
and my flowers

(am i allowed this possessive
they belong to everyone
or no one
i am irrelevant to their existence)

my flowers
they will not wilt
they stiffen
tanning husks of faded glory

they will wait
lying dormant until
another spring
another cycle

(i am digressing
attaching meaning to chlorophyll
why am i so

my hypnosis (hypothesis) has shreds of irony
i know nothing about my blooms
they are a self induced enigma

one day
i will convince myself to research these
wisps of information
that i have always been told
to hold so dear
is that what learning is

for now
i sit
stealing glances through the greeniron bars
(they must be stolen
for i have none of my own
of the desperate golden spread of life

finally within my reach

i can feel it

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