Cry baby Cry

June 21, 2010

Cry baby Cry, just get over it now. Don't keep letting him hold you down. Though it may seem that he cares it's not quiet true and I know these bad feelings keep making you blue.

And just when you though things were going right again... just remember one thing true love is not pretend. So if you think you have the guts, just go ahead and keep taking the deep cuts.

For maybe someday you will leave the awful place and stop putting up with all the dreadful haste. To move on to find someone who truly seems to care, but leaving him is something you wouldn't dare.

For truly caring is something he does share, you can tell by his stunning stare.

To spit on the quote all is fair in love and war, because you think... is that what lovers are really for?

So love him you shall til you take your last breath. Til your caring heart stops beating in your chest.

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