About a Boy and a Girl

July 6, 2010
You met him before school started
The introduction was quick, then you parted
That was all it took
Your emotions all shook
In almost all your classes
Thinking about him as the time passes
Now acquaintances, you call him a friend
You’re going to crush on him till the end
You dream of him once in a while
Loving it when he flashes you a smile
His blond hair and deep blue eyes
When you see him, your heart flies
Refusing that there’s anything there
Loving him just isn’t fair
You get excited when you hear his name
This is life, not a game
Go ahead ask him out
He is going to say, “Yes,” without a doubt

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alyofthevalley said...
Sept. 19, 2010 at 1:46 pm
I absolutely love this! I can most definitely connect with it and I'm sure lots of other people can too. (:
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